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West Coast Waffles

Located at 1235 Broad Street


Located in beautiful downtown Victoria, West Coast Waffles is here to service all your gourmet waffle needs.

seriously. all of them.

West Coast Waffles opened in May 2010 and is located directly in downtown Victoria on rustic Broad Street. Since then, our enthusiastic staff has been serving delicious waffles for people of all ages to enjoy. From the sweet-tooth’s to the salt-cravers, the carnivorous to the vegans, we have just about everything under the sun.

Our staff is highly passionate about creating an experience for all; whether it is 9am on a Sunday with the family, or at 2am on a Friday with your pals, we strive for excellence in the form of customer service and delicious waffles. Waffles with us don’t simply stop at maple syrup and whip cream – we take them one step further with a variety of savoury options, fresh fruit, as well as gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free choices so everyone can enjoy what there is to offer.






1235 Broad Street
Victoria B.C. Canada



Monday: 11:00a.m–5:00p.m
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 11:00a.m–5:00p.m
Thursday: 11:00a.m–5:00p.m
Friday: 11:00a.m–5:00p.m
Saturday: 11:00a.m–5:00p.m
Sunday: 11:00a.m–5:00p.m