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West Coast Waffles

Located at 1235 Broad Street


Located in beautiful downtown Victoria, West Coast Waffles is here to service all your gourmet waffle needs.

seriously. all of them.

West Coast Waffles is an authentic waffle house store in the heart of Victoria, BC. Our waffle shop has come up with a sole objective of offering you the healthy and tasty foods. Our waffle shop is a perfect destination for almost every occasion ranging from breakfast, lunch to Evening snacks. We have earned wide acclaim and are dedicated to catering some of the most vibrant flavours to your platter.

We have a fantastic selection of menu to suit your taste and needs. The good thing is that we have a variant selection of breakfast, lunch and early evening waffle dishes. You can choose from an original, and buckwheat waffle made fresh to order from organic flours, organic milk & Organic free-range eggs. We use the best quality waffle maker to bring you the perfect waffles and let you start your day with crisp, golden waffles. All the gourmet breakfasts and desserts are made using Waring Waffle maker. Besides, you can experience the delight of freshly baked cones filled with favourite ice cream and frozen Yogurt.

At our Restaurant, we give top priority to customer satisfaction! We never compromise on Quality and when it comes to delivering quality & healthy food, we know how to set the standards high.






1235 Broad Street
Victoria B.C. Canada



Monday-Thursday: 10:00a.m-6:00p.m
Friday&Saturday: 10:a.m–3:00a.m
Sunday: 9:00a.m–6:00p.m